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Symposium Highlights

I gave a “TALK” 2 different days with mostly mechanics in the class. It was obvious that the mechanics have wanted to be part of the ADS-B mandate for a number of reasons. First they wanted to be able to help their customers through the maze that is ADS-B. It is a little scary when you can’t see the electrons moving around. Second they wanted to be part of the labor hours that are involved in an ADS-B install.

It appears from the response I received that my research based on the ADS-B system, understanding how it works, experience with its unintended problems, and the confusion created by the different ways the manufacturer's approached the mandate, it was daunting. Add the Rebate to the mix and we have a cluster mess.

I am a mechanic along with being a Certified Repair Station, (CRS), and my heart is in sync with the mechanic/ installers.

I believe I have with-in the FAA regulations created a system where the Mechanics working with a CRS can perform most self contained ADS-B installs. The complicated systems really need to be done by a Radio Shop.

From the calls I have received since last week, let me provide some caution. Do not try and go around the system. It will bite you.

  1. Make sure you are using a pairing of the GPS and the ADS-B that has been previously approved.

  2. Make sure the customer understand, you are not responsible for ADS-B IN. That is another bucket of waste products. There are some systems that do not play nicely with other systems.

  3. Use one of the ADS-B’s manufacturer's approved Encoders or make sure the Encoder you use will not be a problem. There is a 50/50 chance your old encoder will work to the level of the ADS-B requirements. There are some inexpensive Encoders that I will not support because of past problems. If you are working with a Certified Repair Station that is willing to support an Encoder, then go for it. It is all about SUPPORT.

  4. Remember the FAA will be testing the installed system every time your customer flys their aircraft and if the Owner gets a report with a RED flag, you will be the first person they will call.

  5. All this discussion and the information from my “TALK”, is my opinion and could be incorrect or the rules might change.

  6. If you purchase a system from somewhere else and Av8tor Avionics is not the distributor, please consider our time is challenged and we need to support our customers. If you purchase the system from someone like Sporty’s and we are named the CRS then we will provide support. Going that way will not reduce the cost to you, it will actually make it higher because you will have two shipping fees.

Thank all of you who came by the booth after the class and said “Thank you”. It makes it all worthwhile. More to come in my spare time.

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