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We are an uAvionix Dealer

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

We have just been accepted as an uAvionix dealer, (Re-seller), and can provide you with their products. We have always tried to find the most reasonable solution to the ADS-B mandate, to keep as many of you flying with the least amount of expense. We were an early NavWorx dealer/installer and we all know where that product is now.

While their SkyBeacon is at this time not FAA STCed, yet, they expect this to be completed by OSH 2018 time frame. Some Re-sellers are selling pre-purchase units, we are not doing that at this time. We will be glad to put your name on a list to be notified when they are approved and ready for sale, so you actually get the product. We do not want you unhappy with us if this doesn't happen as planned. As you know the FAA has a habit of throwing a monkey wrench into the mix. We will sell the Experimental Version.

Let me caution my potential customers that while simple in theory, the installation will take a little more work than advertised and there are some caveats. Your aircraft must be AIRWORTHY and the NAV lighting system working properly. The screws to the existing light must not be rusted because they are steel and haven't been remove in a gazillion years. The heads of these screws must not be stripped. The wiring to the Left hand light must be in good shape and the ground wire must be properly attached to the airframe. Corrosion of any kind needs to be attended to.

The FAA has determined within their memorandum dated March 2, 2016, and AFS-360-2017-1 (Rev 0, 09/25/2017), that the filing of a FAA form 337 will be required, and by extension the FAA considers all ADS-B installations a Major Alteration. Also if you can’t get a Certified Repair Station (CRS) to verify the information from the newly installed ADS-B equipment, and that it meets 91.227, (which states, “The installed ADS-B OUT system was shown to meet the equipment performance requirements of 14 CFR section 91.227”), then you must fill out and file a 337 without that statement). NOTE, (Upon completion of the alteration for the ADS-B OUT system, if the ground testing method is not used and only the Operational Flight Evaluation (OFE) method is employed, and the aircraft may be only approved for return to service with ADS-B OUT system use limited to use for OFE purposes only). An I.A. or a CRS must sign the 337, block 7. Then you fly the airplane and get a report from this test,

9-A \VA-AFS-300-ADSB-AvionicsCheck@faa.GOV, (OFE), and then make out a new 337 that has the statement in block 8 that states it now meets 91.227 by that report of the test. An I.A. or a CRS must sign this new 337s, block 7.

This process is the only LEGAL way to protect you, keep you legal and have you insurance coverage in place, up until you have some way to prove the system works. You could go through the PITA to get a Ferry Permit to make the flight.

Another thing that happens in your first flight and test report, (same as above) is that the test is looking to make sure that when you are on the ground it reports “ground” and when you are in the air it reports “air”. The problem is that we sometimes taxi too fast which makes the device think we are in the air when the GPS/ pressure altitude knows we are on the ground.

So, taxi slow before take off and stop when you leave the runway after flying before you taxi. Keep that report, with no RED items on it with your Maintenance Records, as this is produced by the FAA, and is proof that the system work correctly at least when it was installed.

This is why I spend the time researching the Regs, and all the other stuff the FAA puts out, so I can try and put into terms the average man can understand.

I can always be reached by email;


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