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Altimeter and Transponder Certifications

CERTS at Payson, Arizona, (KPAN), airport can be done when I am there. A simple phone call to 928-978-0745 and I can tell you when I plan on being there for an installation.

If You can't get to Payson we offer a unique service where we come to you.


Our compensation depends on how many and types of CERTS you need at your airport. We have a minimum of $600 to make the trip.


A Minimum charge for a VFR Transponder and Encoder CERT is $100. A Minimum charge for an IFR Altimeter, Static System, Transponder and Encoder is $300.


So if you had gathered aircraft owners that needed 1 IFR and 3 VFR Certs while I was there you would meet the minimum. Any combination  works.

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